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Beeline Home Services, A Zanesville Handyman Service

Hey, I’m Dale! At Beeline Home Services, my story isn’t just about fixing things—it’s about resilience and a passion for perfecting every nook and cranny.

Years ago, tragedy struck my family when our home fell victim to a devastating fire. We didn’t just rebuild; we created a masterpiece from scratch. I rolled up my sleeves and dabbled in everything—clearing debris, tackling plumbing, electrical work, and handling every detail from block laying to roofing.

That experience became my training ground. I’ve put every skill to the test in my own spaces, from revamping living areas to creating safe zones for our furry friends. I’ve tackled it all—removing walls, upgrading bathrooms, and even conquering those pesky popcorn ceilings.

The dream of running my own show was always there. After some heartfelt discussions, I realized my knack lies in being a handyman.

At Beeline Home Services, I’m not just your average fixer-upper—I’m your partner in solving household puzzles, your reliable go-to for repairs and maintenance. Whether it’s a minor repair or a project that needs some finesse, count on me to deliver top-notch service and attention to detail.

Let’s bring your vision to life, one repair at a time. Buzz me for any of your handyman needs—I’m here to make your home a better place, hassle-free!